Posted by: Swapnil | May 2, 2007

Community Credit – A way to encourage community contribution

Though I am late to join community-credit but “Better late than never”. There are few words about community credit :

Community Credit is a way of showing your contribution to the technology community. Community Credit helps show off the enthusiasm and passion you have for the success of our industry.

If you are an active contributor to the development community, your contributions alone will help you to get a job. From David’s (Innovator of Community-Credit) personal experience in the IT Community, both as a developer and one who hires developers, I can tell you that there is no better testimonial to your skills than the contributions that you have made in your own free time. In addition, you can really show off your stuff by demonstrating it to your fellow developers. Seeing is believing, as they say. Besides, what a better way to make a new contact than to help somebody solve a problem. Community credit simply highlights your contributions and is one way of separating yourself from the crowd and showing that you are a serious professional.

So ready to join


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