Posted by: Swapnil | March 29, 2011

Microsoft Tech·Ed 2011 Day–1 Journey Begins…

I am feeling very excited after attending Microsoft Tech·Ed India 2011 @ Bangalore between 23rd to 25th march. It is the best technical event I have attended so far. I would like to share my experience so that whoever not able to attend can get virtual tour of it. I have kept reference / resource link with abstract of each session which will give more insight for respective sessions.

Brief about Tech·Ed event :

Microsoft Tech·Ed India 2011 is the premier technical education and networking event for tech professionals interested in learning, connecting and exploring a broad set of current and soon-to-be released Microsoft technologies, tools, platforms and services.

It was held in Bangalore between 23rd – 25th March 2011. It was 3 days event with Keynote sessions by Senior Microsoft executives, breakout sessions, Hands-on-labs, Instructor-led labs, community programs and free Microsoft certification (for office and Windows Azure) and above all social gatherings and networking with techies and community contributors across the India.

Day 1:

We started from Mumbai at 6 AM in the morning and reach at the venue Hotel LaLiT Ashok, Bangalore at around 10 AM. There were a kiosk per company for registration, so we got the registration without any queue. We got a welcome kit with a Aluminum bottle with Microsoft Logo, complementary copy of Telerik JustCode  and many pamphlets from different software vendors like Telerik, Infragisitics, Microsoft WebsiteSpark etc… Day 1 was started with Opening Keynote of Qui Lu (President, Microsoft Online Services Division) and Yousef Khalidi (Distinguished Engineer – Microsoft Windows Azure).

There were total 6 different tracks were started after Keynote. 3 tracks for Developers, 2 for IT pros. and 1 for Architect. I have attended mainly Developer track – “The Next Web”

Session 1:  ASP.Net Web Forms, MVC – choosing the right one for your web development by Harish Ranganathan

Harish had explained both the worlds very closely with example of ASP.Net Web Forms 4 and ASP.Net MVC 3 (released with VS 2010 SP1). And the possibilities of making hybrid model of ASP.Net Web Forms + MVC.

Link to Presentation

Session 2:  What’s new in ASP.Net MVC 3 : Building a Nerd-Dinner/AppStore by Chris Eargle

Chris had took us through the new features of the ASP.Net MVC 3 with help of Nerd-Dinner application. I must say if you want to learn anything related to ASP.Net MVC then you should look at this application before you deep dive-in.

You can download PDF, Code and screenshots at

Session 3: Improving Web Application Performance using native output caching in IIS 7 by Praveen Srivastsa

Praveen started with IIS request processing lifecycle, different caching mechanism like output caching, fragment caching and then took the scenario of copyright image (Image having copyright text on it). What we normally prefer is to cache the static images on the IIS as part of static resources but what if IIS (through IIS extension) is appending “Copyright Text” to all the image of the site. In this scenario we can cache Image with Copyright Text can be cache from IIS through kernel mode caching in IIS 7.

Reference video tutorial – Click here.

Session 4: jQuery and AJAX control Toolkit: Better together for building rich web apps by Fritz Onion

Till now many of us have used AJAX control toolkit with web apps. However package comes with the cost whenever we include AJAX control toolkit control on the page, it also requests additional JavaScript files to support control functionality on the page. So if you are planning to use jQuery in your project ideally you can replace AJAX control toolkit controls with jQuery UI widgets to reduce load on the page, caused by jQuery + AJAX control toolkit. Both will still exist but you can choose based on your requirement.

Session 5: Web Deployment – super simplified using IIS 7 and Visual studio 2010 by Madhur Joshi

It was deep dive into IIS7 publishing capabilities. It was started with MSBuild and Web Deploy. Madhur had demonstrated how to package web apps in .zip files and  deploy them using IIS7 UI or through command line. We can also deploy web apps settings with it.

You can get more resources and information from

Stay tuned for Day – 2, its coming soon…


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