Posted by: Swapnil | April 7, 2011

Microsoft Tech.Ed 2011 Day-2 Journey continues…

Day – 2 (24-Mar-2011) was started with the theme of Internet explorer 9 – “Fast is now beautiful”. Most of the sessions were around HTML 5 in web developer track. Opening keynote was delivered by Brian Hall (General Manager, Internet explorer and Windows Live) and Bharat Shyam (General Manager, Windows Azure Developer Platform).

Sessions of Day – 2 is divided in to 4 tracks “Unleashed a more beautiful web”, “Core dev”, “Cloud Services with Windows Azure Platform” and “Business Intelligence”. I have tried to attend sessions from all the tracks except Business Intelligence.

Session 1 : “HTML 5” – more than HTML 5 by Harish Vaidyanathan

HTML 5 has major improvement over its older version. I didn’t know how many stages involved in finalization of HTML specification until I attended this session. HTML 5 is in working draft state at the W3C process. Harish take us through many features like new elements (tags and attributes), SVG support, multimedia capabilities (audio and video), capability of data storage on client machine, Canvas and GeoLocation etc…. You can find out more and detailed HTML5 changes here.

Session 2 : A Day in life of an IIS Request by Madhur Joshi

It was very informative session about IIS 7 configuration. Madhur shared many tips and tricks to change the behavior of application hosted on IIS 7 from the IIS without touching the code. He has created few IIS extensions which can be used for copyright image implementation. There are many ready to install IIS 7 extensions available here.

Session 3 : Building a real-world, internet-scale stock trading application by Naveen Prabhu

We have seen the first-look of India’s first Silverlight based Trading portal. It is made for Naveen and his team developed this application, so he was the best person to take us through its development strategy and challenges they faced during development. He started with the decision making part for architecture including UI options (ASP.Net MVC, ASP.Net Webform and Silverlight), exposing data through service (WCF service, WCF Rest service), data containers and formats (Business entities, XML format), Data Access methodologies (ADO.Net, Entity Framework) etc… and all these with the aim of building high performing and secure stock trading application. Site features was the next part which he covered.

Link to ICICI Direct RIA site –

Session 4 : Building a social networking portal on Windows Azure in 1 hour by Saranya Sriram

Social networking portal was developed using Windows Azure, SQL Azure and ASP.Net 4.0. During session Saranya showed us how to store data on SQL Azure, Develop ASP.Net on cloud environment from Visual studio 2010 IDE and integration with Facebook application.

Session 5 : Lap Around Silverlight 5 and comparative with HTML5 by Supreet Singh

This session had cleared my doubt about HTML 5 could replace Silverlight or not. It’s not. Silverlight 5 will change the face of RIA. As I am writing this post Silverlight 5 is already released in Beta version. Supreet explained what’s coming new in Silverlight 5. There are few interesting blog posts which talks more about it.

What’s New in Silverlight 5 Beta – video tutorial of 7:44 min.

Top 10 Reasons why HTML 5 is not ready to replace Silverlight



  1. Great memory.
    I liked the sessions as well.

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